About Heather


I’m a Canadian science writer who specializes in archaeology.  My work as a writer takes me to out of the way places and often leads to memorable encounters with both the living and the dead–subjects I like to write about in books and magazine articles. I’m a contributing editor at Hakai magazine,  and I freelance for National Geographic. In addition, I’m a contributing correspondent for SCIENCE magazine and a contributing editor to Archaeology magazine. I had a hand in founding Last Word on Nothing.com.

I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, where my dad was a professional hockey player and my entire family was nuts about hockey. Sadly I failed to inherit the hockey gene, and must now be the only Canadian on the planet who is ambivalent about the game.

Before I took up writing, I was (very briefly) a furniture polisher, failed waitress, summons server, (and for extended periods) a museum researcher and book editor.

I began freelance writing when I moved to Vancouver and since then I’ve traveled extensively to cover stories–from the Sahara to Baffin Island and from the Atacama to Tonga. The best plane trip I ever took was in the backseat of an F-18 fighter jet, where I flew upside down 200 feet over the treeline in northern Alberta.

I live a few blocks from the ocean,  and I love nothing better than exploring Victoria’s coastal neighborhoods with my husband Geoff and our two labrador retrievers, Max and Gillie.


Photos: Above,  Heather, August 2013,  courtesy Geoff Lakeman.  Below,  A walk in the woods,  courtesy author.