Magazine Articles

Here’s a sampling of some of my favourite stories.

National Geographic Magazine

New Visions of the Vikings.  Yes, they were brutal.  They also had women leaders, coveted riches and finery, and encountered more than 50 cultures from Afghanistan to Canada.  (Cover story)

Untouched. Grave robbers had plundered this ancient Peruvian site for decades.  But they missed one royal tomb. hidden for more than 1,000 years.

Lofty Ambitions of the Inca. Rising from obscurity to the heights of power, a succession of Andean rulers subdued kingdoms, sculpted mountains and forged a mighty empire.  (Cover story)

Scientific American

Why Humans Live So Long. Modern genomes and ancient mummies are yielding clues to why the lifespan of Homo sapiens exceeds that of other primates.  Here for online version of article.

The Origin of Human Creativity Was Surprisingly Complex.  New evidence of ancient ingenuity forces scientists to reconsider when our ancestors started thinking outside the box.  Here for online version of article.

The First Americans: Mounting Evidence Prompts Researchers to Reconsider the Peopling of the New World  Here for online version of article


Archaeology Magazine

The Journey to El Norte: How Archaeologists Are Documenting the Silent Migration that Is Transforming America.  Here for online version of article

Digging the Scorched Earth: Archaeologists Reveal the Legacy of Brutal Civil War Tactics in Missouri. Here for abstract.

The Waters of Petra: The resource that made a desert metropolis possible now threatens to destroy it Here for abstract.

Witness to Genocide: Forensic archaeologists uncover evidence of a secret massacre—and help convict Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity Here for online version of article

Profiteers on the High Seas: The big business of treasure hunting is selling off the world’s maritime heritage—and it’s perfectly legal Here for online version of article.

The Fantome Controversy  Here for online version of article


Troubled Waters for Ancient Shipwrecks Click Here to Download Pdf

In the Hands of Mummy Experts, Ancient Faces Gain New Life   Here for abstract

NASA Dives into Its Past to Retrieve Vintage Satellite Data  Here for abstract

Arsenic and Old Mummies Here for abstract.

A New Look at the Maya’s End  Here for abstract

Seeking Africa’s First Iron Men Here for abstract.

North America’s Wars  Here for abstract

Neolithic Agriculture:  The Original Blended Economies Here for abstract.

Hints of Frequent Precolumbian Contact  Here for abstract

The Slow Birth of Agriculture Here for abstract

Traces of Ancient Mariners Found in Peru Here for abstract

Reading the Signs of Ancient Animal Domestication Here for abstract

Death in Norse Greenland Here for abstract

New Respect for Metal’s Role in Ancient Arctic Cultures Here for abstract

Ice Age Communities May Be Oldest Known Net Hunters Here for abstract

Discover Magazine

Vox Populi:  Gossip in the glory days of Rome was just like ours—but written in stone   Here for abstract

Gladiatrix: When London was a distant outpost of the Roman Empire 1,900 years ago, the favorite local pastime was watching slaves pair off in an arena to kill each other. Artifacts found in an ancient grave site suggest that one of the heroes of the ring was a woman Here for online article.

Secrets of the Alpaca Mummies: Did the ancient Inca make the finest woolen cloth the world has ever known?  Here for online version of article

Yale Alumni Magazine

The Lost City:  A Discovery in the Desert Could Rewrite the History of Ancient Egypt  Here for online version of article

Canadian Geographic

Raiders from the Sea: Along one of the world’s greatest salmon rivers, archaeologists and First Nations elders discover clues to a turbulent past  Here for online version of article.

The Messenger: The remains of a young man who died on a glacier more than 200 years ago reveal details of his life and times  Here for abstract.

Finders Keepers:  Nova Scotia’s shipwreck filled waters and its laws that allow treasure hunters to keep 90% of the valuables they find has triggered a rush for sunken valuables that has archaeologists and historians fuming Here for abstract.

People of the Klondike: The passage of a century hasn’t erased the anger many Hän people feel about the invasion of their lands during the Klondike gold rush. Here for abstract

Cabot, Cod and the Colonists:  When John Cabot crossed the Atlantic 500 years ago he was looking for the Orient.  But the merchants who were paying for his voyage were after something less exotic–cod. Here for abstract

Sugar Masters in a New World: Sevilla la Nueva, the first European settlement in Jamaica, is home to the bittersweet story of the beginning of the Caribbean sugar trade  Here for online article

National Geographic Daily News

Ancient Sorceror’s “Wake” Was First Feast for Dead? Here for online article

Primitive Humans Conquered Sea, Surprising Findings Suggest  Here for online article

Coal Firms to Strip-Mine Historic Battlefield? Here for online article

Photo:  Heather in Tonga,  1992, courtesy Peter Bennett