Royal Chamber-Pots and Privies

Today, I’m bringing you a small, strange, guilty pleasure. I just stumbled across this delightful video of a very animated British archaeologist showing off the ancient privies of British kings and queens at several royal palaces. (Does anyone know who she is? She’s terrific, but uncredited.) Check out her real delight at finding residues of Tudor urine in a chamber pot!


  1. Sallie

    What a great video…. I truly enjoyed it and am
    sending it to a couple selected friends. Sallie Beck

  2. It’s priceless, isn’t it? And of course, ancient loos are an invaluable source of info–for historical archaeologists and prehistoric archaeologists. Analysis of ancient fecal material can tell a lot about ancient diets, etc. I wonder if any archaeologists have studied historical royal privies in Europe?

  3. veronica martin

    she s fantasic .infectious in her enthusiasm for the history of the loo

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